Computers of South Dublin Relaunches!

Posted: 27 April, 2012 in Economics, Entrepreneurship, technology
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Robert Phair with computer

Photo from Interview Subject used.

Robert Phair is about to  relaunch the website for an  IT company called Computers of South Dublin ( to reflect the economic changes of the last few years.

Computers of South Dublin is unique because it treats every home and small business as if it were a large organisation with the same requirements of efficiency, stability, and economy.  The hundreds of home and business clients that COSD has worked with in the last seven years have the same kind of IT support that people get from a large company’s “help desk” available to them in their homes, usually on the same day, with a simple phone call.

Small businesses, especially home-based ones, need that kind of service without getting tied into the regular expense of a support contract.  They just pay for the support if and when they need it, and if they go six months without having a computer problem then they haven’t paid a penny for IT support during that period.  And if they have a problem or growth issue in the seventh month, they just make a phone call and their problem is fixed immediately.

Three or four years of recession in Dublin have shown that innovations in information technology and Internet-based services can really make a difference in small-to-medium business competitiveness.  For instance, the Google Apps suite can provide email services and information sharing over a broadband connection and save the expense of keeping an in-house computer server.  COSD is helping businesses get rid of all that expensive, time-consuming, and obsolete techology and replacing it with free equivalents, and the business only pays for a consultant’s time to set it up.

Finally, COSD specialises in a type of web design called the Content Management System which allows business owners to organise and develop their own web pages.  Nobody knows the terminology of a business like the owner and senior staff, so these people can collaborate to build a web site that is more effective (for both customer attraction and Google rankings) than anything a conventional web designer could provide.  COSD simply provides the template for these sites and the training to use them effectively.

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